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tona organic farm

Cooked Organic Meat. Organic Fishes. Bio Diverse Farming Private Limited. Annual Turnover Rs. This belief itself was challenged at TONA. Nature gives us everything in plenty to produce the perfect food. We simply used nature's gifts and created an entire ecosystem where 'pests' become part of the production lifecycle, medicinal herbs become part of the animals' diet, their waste materials get converted into food for the plants and everything goes back to Mother Nature.

The Result - A unique environment where nature takes care of its own and the output is pure fresh food products without ZERO harmful chemicals. You will not pay a penny more than the harmful non-organic food products you have been buying till now. Why Us? Farmers to Agro Entrepreneurs The largest population in India is comprised of farmers and agriculturalists. But the largest sector provides minimum economic sustenance to the millions engaged in this industry.

The poorest in India are farmers and it's an irony since India is a land of agriculture. One of the key reasons for this low return is the unavailability of agro-industries created, maintained and operated by the farmers themselves.

Sustainable agro-farming and allied agro-industries are the only way India can achieve global excellence in her largest livelihood provider. Organic farming does not destroy the soil, it nourishes it. Organic food products are the purest food one can find. TONA aims at creating self-sustaining sustainable agro-farming models in rural India and give the power of production to sales to the farmers thereby empowering them and bringing profits directly to the millions of farming families.In the winter months, the state casts a spell on skiers and snowboarders flaunting exceptional soft powder while drenched with a daily fresh snowfall for at least five months.

tona organic farm

During the warm summer months, miles of well-manicured hiking and mountain biking trails in nearlyacres in the nearby pristine national forest is ripe for exploration. The outdoor wonderland shines brightest during ski season. Those seeking an authentic Utah experience make their way to the Wasatch Mountain frontier town of Ogden. Once upon a time, Ogden overflowed with seedy brothels and rollicking saloons. The region is the gateway to three uncrowded ski resorts located under 20 miles away in the adjacent Wasatch Mountains.

The lodges are conveniently tucked away in the Ogden Valley are less frequented by the over one million residents of the sizeable capital of Salt Lake City urban surroundings. The three ski areas of Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, and Nordic Valley each comes with a distinct personality and skill levels to accommodate beginners to black diamond adrenaline thrillseekers. The smaller crowds create an ethereal feel.

tona organic farm

Each of the three alternatives has contrasting topography, full-service rentals, meticulously groomed slopes, and are family-friendly. Nordic Valley is cozy, intimate, and perfect for beginner skiers. Powder Mountain or PowMow is the largest of the three resorts and lays claim to being the largest ski resort with over 8, sprawling acres of trails. At Powder Mountain, the Powder Keg serves up great burgers, a wide tap beer selection, and live music five nights a week.

Also, at Powder Mountain complex, enjoy farm to table crafted dishes, pizza, and suds at the unpretentious Bower Lodge. The gastro-pub serves a refined bar menu and is the quintessential break from long days of skiing. The bar and restaurant conjure images of the wild west in a modern-day laid backcountry bar feel. New World Distillery in Eden creates selective craft elixirs to exceed the quality of mass-produced top-shelf spirits.

The western-boutique Compass Rose Lodge in Huntsville offers a rugged-comfort mountain chalet stay adorned in a western motif. A farmhouse sensibility melds into a pastoral backdrop while incorporating 15 stylish rustic rooms and allowing easy access to all three nearby.

Most Exciting Place in Utah. While the state might not be considered the entertainment capital of the U.But he chose a rather tough path to make a smoother road to success for our farmers.

He was deeply pained by the situation of farmers in our country. He would often wonder about a sustainable model that could keep farmers from bankruptcy and taking extreme steps like suicide. However, the focus was on studies, and he could not do much at that moment. Once he finished his engineering inhe was placed at PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. The company sent him to Saudi Arabia for a project for six months, creating a huge prospect for a bright future and hefty salary for Abhishek.

However, Agriculture was always in his mind and he kept thinking about it now more often, he realized that since the farmers are giving up farming, a big gap would be created in the demand-supply of food and he wanted to do his bit to help bridge that gap.

And if everyone stops farming how will the world survive?

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He would reach out to the farmers and ask just two questions — 1. What are you doing? What are the problems you are facing?

Abhishek realized that unlike Maharashtra, Bengal had water in abundance and the soil was fertile. But the farmers were misusing the water by growing rice three times in a year.

Just Rs 30,! There is no profit. It brings down the price. Lot of rice is getting wasted. Farmers are just doing paddy the whole year that too with chemicals. The soil has lost its fertility. There he was offered work with two professors — Prof. PBS Bhadoria and Prof.

DK Swain, working on a similar project. As the project was not yet started, Abhishek went back to Saudi Arabia to continue with his job. Abhishek immediately put down his papers and in December he came back to Kolkata. Before he started working at IIT Kharagpur, he met some agricultural startups. I was more interested in growing. Abhishek joined the research team at IIT Kharagpur in March and learnt about paddy farming and a few other crops with high level of farm mechanization for eight months.

In between this period, I would just go with the flow, taking lifts, sitting in sleeper compartments and sleeping at the farms. He was connected to a lot of natural farmers in this training and he kept visiting them one after the other. He was 65 years old and he and his wife were managing their 5-acre farm all alone without taking help of any labourers. I think this is the difference when you eat healthy.

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However, after four to five years the yield is much more than what would get from chemical farming. The input cost was almost zero and hence they would profit significantly more.

And of course there was a huge difference in the quality and quantity of the products grown by natural farming methods. And from the very first day I was so comfortable.

For the first few months Abhishek would travel everyday to reach his farm from his home at Kolkata. However as he wanted to save the travel time he started living in a small hut made in his farm. You see something grow out of nothing, it is so fantastic feeling and it cannot be matched. The air is so light there that you will actually feel the difference when you come to a city you have to make more efforts to breathe.The internet is filled with debates and fact checks between team organically-bred chicken and team conventional poultry farming.

Our supermarkets, on the other hand, are crammed with a range of poultry options, which puts consumers in a dilemma. Are the fancy free-range organic chicken just a marketing fad or the savior of human degradation caused by consuming the poultry farm chickens?

Is it really healthier and worth spending the extra bucks? In essence, their living conditions and the food sets these free-range chickens apart.

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What makes a chicken organic is basically its feed, which should be only organic certified feed without a trace of any animal by-product, chemicals, antibiotics, or pesticides.

Even genetically engineered grains are prohibited in their feed. They have the freedom to strut around outdoors and have fun with their lives. They may eat mixed grains like conventional farm hens, only in a liberated environment. But it is more humane and any chicken with even a little more freedom is a happier chicken. Acceptance for organic food is accompanied by a lot of skepticism regarding its nutritional benefits as compared to conventionally produced food.

Various studies have shown that there is no significant difference in nutrient levels of organic poultry and conventional poultry. Overall, the nutritional composition of both variants is nearly the same even in its micronutrients, ie.

The only difference lies in the fat content of the skin. So organic free-range chicken is not worth the extra money from a purely nutritional aspect. But there remains the question of antibiotics and other drugs administered to battery farm chickens and how they affect our health. Conventionally bred poultry throughout the world are given antimicrobials doses to combat infections and artificially promote growth so as to produce more meat and eggs each year at a greater profit.

However, according to Dr. Sandro Demaioeating these chickens can disrupt the microbiome in our gut, which specializes in disease prevention and nutrition. Colistin is one such antibiotic drug commonly used to enhance growth in chickens. Despite the World Health Organization calling for a ban on its usage as growth promoters, thousands of tonnes of veterinary colistin is imported to Vietnam, India, South Korea, and Russia.

The situation critical in India, since the usage of this drug is unregulated in poultry farms. This drug can be purchased in Europe only with a veterinary prescription to treat a sick animal. But in India, it can be bought over the counter, without any prescription whatsoever. If bacteria acquire resistance to such critical drugs, it will be very hard to treat patients with lethal infections. Fortunately, the use of colistin in livestock was banned in India in based on the recommendations of the Drugs Technical Advisory Board and the National Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan Committee.

28 Innovative Livestock Farmers Who are Shaping the Future of Protein

The Indian health ministry notified the prohibition of manufacture and distribution of the drug and its formulations for food-producing animals, poultry, aquafarming, and animal feed supplements. Thankfully there is rising awareness about such rampant use of antibiotics in poultry farming and people are switching to organic free-range chickens even if it costs twice as much as conventional chicken. Here are some popular and reliable organic free-range chicken brands in India:.

The company began with 24 acres of farmland and a production capacity of 2 crore day-old chicks yearly. Today, Daulat Farms has become the largest country chicken and black meat Kadaknath breed chicken producer in India, producing chicken on acres of farmland across 19 states in India. At the Happy Hens Farm, the chickens enjoy basking in the sunshine, taking a sand bath, resting on trees, and socializing with others.

By planting lots of trees and abstaining from the use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers, they have made a positive impact. Hen manure is used to a large extent to fertilize the farmlands.

Following a traditional backyard method, their chickens are humanely raised on certified organic feed, which lay healthier and tastier eggs as is evident by its bright orange yolk.

Their chicken is a little pricey as compared to any local organic farm chicken, but the quality of meat is assured. Online ordering is also available on their website. Tona Organic Farm is a pioneer of end-to-end integrated organic farming in India established way back in It is operated and co-owned by the farmers of the Tona village. The farm was established in with a focus on the following areas such as to create an indigenous scalable chemical-free organic farming model that will drastically lower the cost of organic food.

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tona organic farm

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TONA Farm - Empowering Lives

You have entered an incorrect email address!It is estimated that there were 1 billion cattle and million pigs worldwide in And there were million chickens in The number of chickens alone is three times larger than the global human population. Animal source foods like meat, eggs, milk, yoghurt, and cheese comprise an important part of our daily diets, and the consumption is expected to continue to grow. Industrial-scale farming systems enable mass production of cheap animal foods at low cost.

However, poorly managed livestock systems have raised various environmental and health concerns. Factory farmsin which 99 percent of farmed animals in the United States are estimated to live, produce tremendous amounts of animal waste that can contain contaminants such as plant nutrients, pathogens, antibiotics, and other chemicals.

But many innovative livestock farmers around the world are driving change by moving away from conventional farming.

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Instead of raising animals in confinement systems, the farmers provide animals with access to the outdoors and facilities to express their natural behaviors—for pigs to root and for chickens to peck. On pasture-based farms, animals are raised on grassland all year round, and the paddocks are rotated to prevent overgrazing. Farmers who produce percent grass-fed beef raise and finish their cattle on grassland, letting the ruminants eat what they are designed to eat for their entire life.

According Allan Savory, a Zimbabwean ecologist and rancher, mimicking nature using livestock is the only option for us to reverse desertification and climate change. According to Savory and other proponents of regenerative agriculturecarefully planned rotational cattle grazing can allow grassland to rest and grow, and this process accelerates the storage of atmospheric carbon into the soil and plants.

Many farmers on this list have switched from industrial to sustainable livestock production systems showing they can protect the environment, promote animal welfare, and improve incomes.

And the farmers also try to go beyond their own farms to spread the innovations and empower other farmers, community members, and consumers.

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To celebrate their work, Food Tank highlights 28 innovative livestock farmers who are shaping the future of livestock production. The food produced on the farm caters to the local community and Aloha Orphanage housed on the farm.

Mikkelson raises cattle, goats, hogs, and chickens on his small-scale, diverse farm in the tropics, and these animals are part of the natural farming process. Mikkelson makes use of animal power, manure, and other animal byproducts to grow vegetables, make fertilizers, and turn other wastes like forage crop residues into useful materials including biochar.

He has shared his knowledge and experiences in livestock-farm integration, feed production, and cost-saving strategies through his writings and lectures. The farm works to bolster biodiversity on the farm. The farm puts their cattle and sheep together to work symbiotically.

These two species prefer to graze on different vegetation and can work together to control diseases and parasites.

Ogden Utah: Brilliant All Year Long

Multi-species grazing can also increase productivity and improve pasture. The farm does not sell its products online to promote local food purchase.

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Th e family encourages people to visit the farm in person to pick up the food and learn how it is produced. Belcampo grows cattle, pigs, broilers, and layers, and the farm has built its own alternative meat supply chain from the farm to retail shops and restaurants. This vertically integrated chain can enhance transparency and traceability. Through this process, Belcampo is trying to link customers to butchers. Shinn partners with local family farms to assist them to produce beef sustainably and ensure a more stable income through expanded sales channels.

It ensures that the cattle have never eaten corn and grains at a conventional feedlot. Brown uses different cropping strategies and no-till farming techniques to protect and improve the quality of soil. He has unified cash crops, cover crops, and his cattle in an integrated crop-livestock system. In turn, the cattle improve soil health through grazing and manure. Brown has written a book on regenerative agriculture and is a partner of Understanding Aga regenerative agricultural consulting firm.

Smith started to produce leather items, when she learned about the complexity of the leather supply chain, which involves multiple rounds of selling and buying until products finally reach consumers. The farm collaborates closely with local businesses to process hides in order to support local economies and build a more traceable supply chain.

Cruse and Smith guarantee fair pricing to their partners including smallholder farmers, which provides financial incentives to keep up their work. It is a zero-waste farm which integrates plant, animal, and fish production components. The farm recycles all by-products or wastes produced from one production component to use it in another component.The 1st-century bishop of Edessa predicted this date to be the birth date of the Antichrist and the end of the universe. Moreover, God would have the same physical appearance as Chen himself.

Chen chose to base his cult in Garland, Texas, because he thought it sounded like "God's Land. He did not predict how it would occur, stating that it might involve nuclear devastation, asteroid impact, pole shift or other Earth changes. JenkinsThese Christian authors stated that the Y2K bug would trigger global economic chaos, which the Antichrist would use to rise to power.

As the date approached, however, they changed their minds. The leader of the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days predicted the Second Coming of Christ would occur on this day. According to her website, aliens in the Zeta Reticuli star system told her through messages via a brain implant of a planet which would enter our solar system and cause a pole shift on Earth that would destroy most of humanity.

This Japanese cult predicted the world would be destroyed by a nuclear war between October 30 and November 29, 2003. In his 1990 book The New Millennium, Robertson suggests this date as the day of Earth's destruction. He prophesied nuclear explosions in U. After his prophecy failed to come true he changed the date for the return of Jesus Christ to May 27, 2012.

When his original prediction failed to come about, Camping revised his prediction and said that on May 21, a "Spiritual Judgment" took place, and that both the physical Rapture and the end of the world would occur on October 21, 2011.

Others predicted that Elenin would collide with Earth on October 16. Scientists tried to calm fears by stating that none of these events were possible. The 2012 phenomenon predicted the world would end at the end of the 13th b'ak'tun. Mayanist scholars stated that no extant classic Maya accounts forecasted impending doom, and that the idea that the Long Count calendar ends in 2012 misrepresented Maya history and culture. Scientists from NASA, along with expert archeologists, stated that none of those events were possible.

The so-called Blood Moon Prophecy, first predicted by Mark Blitz in 2008 and then by John Hagee in 2014. These Christian ministers claimed that the tetrad in 2014 and 2015 may allegedly represent prophecies given in the Bible relating to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Author, scientist, and conspiracy theorist David Meade predicted that an unseen planet, Nibiru (or sometimes Planet X), would become visible in the Earth's sky and that said planet would then "soon" destroy the Earth and Armageddon would take place during this date.

This American psychic claimed that Armageddon would take place in 2020, and Jesus will return to defeat the unholy trinity of the Antichrist, Satan, and the False prophet between 2020 and 2037. She had also previously predicted the world would end on February 4, 1962. Messiah Foundation InternationalMembers predict that the world will end in 2026, when an asteroid would collide with Earth in accordance with Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi's predictions in The Religion of God.

The chances are only 1 out of 300,000. Rather, he gave it as a date before which it could not happen. He later revised this date to 2016.

Talmud, Orthodox JudaismAccording to an opinion about the Talmud in mainstream Orthodox Judaism, the Messiah will come within 6000 years of the creation of Adam, and the world may be destroyed 1000 years later.

This would put the beginning of the period of desolation in the year 2239 CE and the end of the period of desolation in the year 3239 CE. According to this Egyptian-American biochemist's research on the Quran, the world will end during that year. The star's axis of rotation will have yet to be determined with certainty.

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